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Planet Canit & Rishi Tea – 2014 AmeriStar Packaging Award

A 2014 AmeriStar national packaging award was presented to Planet Canit  for its collaborative effort with Rishi Tea. The development staff at Planet Canit and the design & marketing professionals at Rishi Tea, worked closely to create a revolutionary  Tea Dispensing and Storage System.  See our announcement in  BRANDPACKAGING’s  September 2014 Digital Edition. 


Sunflowers and Summer Sunshine

Vermont Country Store presents the 2nd in its 4 set “Seasons” series.  The summer sunflower shaped tin, with peak-a-boo window, invites the consumer to look inside the flower and discover the yummy chocolate covered sunflower seeds!  More surprises from Planet Canit and the design team at Vermont Country Store.66799_closed_silo 66799_open_silo

Planet Canit honored at the AmeriStar and Visionary Awards Reception on June 10 in New York City.

Rishi Tea’s Dispensing and Storage System, is a winner of the 2014 prestigious Ameristar national contest. The system’s magnet to frame architecture is acclaimed for its unique operational design and ultimate flexibility. Accolades from Brand Packaging: http://blog.planetcanit.com/ http://ow.ly/BiWa7 and the Institute of Packaging Professionals.  http://ow.ly/BiZhZRishi_comp_HR layers

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